Goodbye Roger Rowe: A Farewell Letter to What Once Was

Goodbye Roger Rowe, hello ordinary. A librarian? We don’t need one. Standardized testing? We welcome you. Community, culture, differences and diversity, so long. 
What once was is no longer. We no longer value the individual, we want to mass produce robots. Whether you excel in math, or you are behind in math, that is fine we shall treat you the same. PE teachers who know every student’s name, that doesn’t matter here, not anymore. Children don’t need names, they are just a number. 

Just fine? 

Enrollment is up, enrollment is down; we are in a deficit, we are out of a deficit. Who got us into the deficit? I am most certain it was not the teachers! I have heard the school will be fine. Fine? Who wants just “fine” for their children? I want great, I want amazing, I want exceptional for mine. 
We have done away with everything that makes our school great. Do we thank a principal who has given her all, who has stepped up when asked, and who has filled in when needed? We don’t! We demote her! 

Setting an example 

The same people who have dedicated their days to our children are being “thanked” with a demotion or a pink slip, as they are unfairly considered the lowest on the totem pole. Our specialized teachers (in literacy, math, art, science, PE, and the library) are being fired, yet admin in the business office have been left untouched and their six-figure incomes remain intact. What an example we have set. How does one recover? How does one forgive? 
We are witnessing firsthand the destruction of a climate, of a culture, of our school. To our principal and teachers, I say thank you, and I am so very sorry! You don’t deserve this. You deserve better. 


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