Don’t Wait For Race


As I mentioned in my latest Fiber Update, it looks like Race Communications, our fiber Internet Service Provider, is going to be challenged to dig trenches and install conduit on our properties by the end of the year. They are unlikely to have enough crews to get it done in time. In addition, it seems their costs are quite high, at $6.25/ft of trenching. Your (or my) gardener can probably do it at half that price.

Also, due to the economics of running an ISP, Race is going to want to turn on customers as fast as possible once their Internet uplink is running to cover their uplink costs. That means that if you have a conduit already in the ground, Race is very likely to schedule your install before others.

So, my recommendation is to go ahead and install your own conduit as soon as you have a flower pot or vault on your property line. It’ll be cheaper, and you’ll probably get fiber Internet faster.

Race has an updated specification sheet detailing what kind of conduit to use and how to place it. Since I just finished installing my conduit, I thought I’d share some installation tips and tricks with you on this video. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions and/or if you need labor to install your conduit as my gardener is always looking for freelance work.

Suppliers: Home Depot will sell you the irrigation boxes that you can use as pull boxes. Grangetto’s is the best place to buy ¾” conduit (use grey electrical PVC conduit) since they sell them in 20’ lengths instead of the 10’ lengths that Home Depot sells. You can buy the nylon pull string from Home Depot.

Should go without saying, but make sure you glue each conduit piece together!


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