Back At the Ranch: Entertaining


That room with the rock crystal chandelier above the table and chairs is called a “Dining Room.”  Here at the Ranch, a few of us actually entertain there. After seeing my dining room, a current CDRC member laughingly said I would never see her’s because her dining room table was covered in papers for projects on which she was working. Entertaining outside the home may explain the recent decision to share the cost of  RSFGC food services. I joke that the huge homes being built should come with double microwaves instead of traditional double ovens. The vogue for open kitchens reflects those who do not cook fish or mind staring at dirty dishes while dining. 

Jane’s List

But, for those who do entertain, here’s my personal list. None of these vendors or service providers know I am identifying them as my “fav’s”– I just  want to share my appreciation:

Pamplemousse —  Number One is Jeffrey Strauss’s restaurant. When you don’t want to cook and serve for a party yourself, he’s wonderful. He is the only one I have ever used to cater here. He is gracious, kind and his suggestions appropriate. Importantly, his food and wine are delicious!

Margaret’s Cleaners for linens and clothes. Whether table linens, bed linens for houseguests, or that cute outfit you wore as hostess, they are the best and only service I use. Their delivery service is more reliable than your ex-husband. I have a special secure closet for their twice weekly delivery. 

Del Mar 100% Beeswax candles, the ones with internal holes only. The candles drip internally, so they don’t damage your table, linens or hurricane lamps.

Chino’s Vegetable Shop where the produce and conversation is always fresh. It’s a fun and entertaining way to shop for items you don’t grow yourself. Readers know their corn is legendary.

Homemade is best

Hope you appreciate my list whether you only entertain if you can write it off as a charitable/business deduction, or, like me, simply enjoy the pleasure of the company of family and friends. As to flowers and table decorations, if you are fortunate enough to live on the Ranch outside the Village Core, home grown is best.  Not only is it a genuine expression of affection, but it’s handy to use whatever is currently growing in your garden. In this article are some snapshots from a family party this same time of year where I used fruit from the orchard, edible flowers and herbs from the potager (vegetable) garden and flowers from the cutting garden. Hope readers have a happy summer entertaining on the Ranch.

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