Roadside Rocks


One of the concerns brought up during the August 8 strategy meeting was road side rocks that can rip open car tires if you drift off the road slightly. Laurel Lemarie said that she knows of a person that almost crashed her car after hitting one roadside rock area. I personally ripped open a tire a few years ago on rocks along Ramblas del las Flores, and the rocks are still there.

Rocks like these (click here to see the ones along Rambla) were intentionally placed by someone but I can’t figure out why. They most assuredly pose a motorist safety hazard (I was driving a very low slung planted sports car, so my tire pop was easily controlled, but it might have been a different story with a top heavy, thin tire minivan). Maybe people thought they were helping by building “rumble strips” but the problem is that over time, rocks crack, exposing sharp jagged edges.

At any rate, I encourage you to notify the Association if you see rocks like these along the side of our roads. Since the Association has a County contract to maintain road sides, I am hoping that they can remove these rocks, or at the very least, ask the County to do so. I emailed the Association about the Rambla rocks at By the way, I used Google Maps to zoom in on the area, and used the little man icon to get a street view of the area. Use the zoom tool to zoom in on the rocks. The web address at the top of your map screen will now work for anyone to see the same image.

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