RSF Connect Fiber Update

Fiber splice closure inside vault

At the August 8th strategy meeting, Arnold Keene gave a short update on the fiber network. Both Internet uplinks are now operational, meaning the network has both high capacity (especially for the few people that are currently connected!) and high redundancy. 

Conduit construction will be completed by August 16th, leaving HP Communications with only fiber cable pulling and splicing to finish. HP has additionally been contracted by our ISP, Race Communications, to trench and install fiber drops on each member’s property. I continue to recommend that you install your own fiber conduit from the fiber box near your property edge to your house, if you don’t already have a spare conduit. It’s cheaper and you’ll probably get your Internet installed faster since I suspect the bottle neck for house drops will be trench digging. To give you an idea, my gardener and one assistant took eight hours to trench and install a 200′ conduit for a friend of mine, so it is time consuming (our soils are horrible for trenching). He charges $5/ft for this (Race charges $6.25/ft). Let me know if you’d like a quote from him (this is his weekend project, I make no money from this, just trying to help out the community and speed things along).

If you are now connected to RSF Connect, I want to talk to you! I’d like to do a story on what the install was like and how fast/great your new Internet connection is. Please contact me at

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