RSFA Strategy Meeting Recap


About five members, the entire Board, and numerous Association employees attended the two hour RSFA strategy session on August 8th. The meeting started with a year in review recap, which you can read about here.

Christy Whalen reviewed last year’s strategic goals which were summarized on a series of poster pages. You can download and read the summary here (if you print it, use landscape mode).

Before the meeting, Christy had gathered suggestions for 2019 goals from all board members. These had also been drawn on poster pages and are viewable here

Following are some specific issues that were discussed.


Laurel Lemarie talked about large parcels directly adjacent to the Covenant which are likely to be overdeveloped. She mooted the possibility of making a deal with owners/developers of such parcels to annex them into Covenant to control their density. Bill Strong concurred.

Other Association Land

Sharon Ruhnau wondered if we could do something different with the 22+ properties the Association owns.


Steve Dunn stated that Osuna is 25 acres, which is a lot of land for a 50 horse commercial barn [Ed: I agree, I just sold my 50 horse commercial horse property and it didn’t feel small on 7 acres]. Considering that Osuna loses money, when factoring in maintenance, perhaps something else could be done with some of the land? He also thought that the recently completed Osuna Master Plan wasn’t bold enough in that it mainly considered horse related activities. Steve Dunn wanted some Board focus on Osuna.

Mike Gallagher wanted the Osuna committee to work with the Board to work on the master plan.

Fire Mitigation

Matt Wellhouser, Patrol Chief, stated that he will be bringing a proposal to the Board to do some aerial imaging to identify dead and dying trees. The idea is to notify homeowners of the issue and suggest that homeowners mitigate the fire risk.

Sharon Ruhnau wanted the fire department to strengthen their regulations to bring the (entire?) property up to code when doing renovations.

It was mentioned that some people are losing fire insurance coverage.

Village Revitalization

Steve Dunn wanted more focus on village revitalization.


The Board will continue working offline among themselves and with staff in the coming weeks to further refine and prioritize 2019/2020 objectives which will then be shared with us presumably via an upcoming Association email blast.

Comment by Phil

Once all the staff presentations were done and pre-made poster papers were displayed, the Board ended up discussing 2019 strategy for all of about 20 minutes. A fair bit of work was done before the meeting to gather information from the Board and a fair bit of work will be done after the meeting to summarize and reach consensus on the priorities.

So, as an open meeting proponent, this felt to me a bit like Kabuki theater. The discussions in the meeting were real, but there wasn’t a lot of time to get into the issues and certainly no time to even attempt to prioritize. This was obviously intentional as only 2 hours was allocated to the meeting, and only 20 minutes of which were used for future strategy.

I also thought it was interesting that no one brought up better governance, transparency and communications as an issue given that only two months ago, the Board surprised the membership with the cost sharing agreement. Opposition to the way this was handled was documented here, and here. I even wrote an article about some simple easy things the Board could do to enhance governance, but they appear uninterested.

To not leave this on a down note, let me say that I was encouraged that the Association sent out an emailed survey to all members asking them what kind of restaurant atmosphere people wanted. More things like that would be appreciated.

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