RSFA Yearly Recap from Aug 8 Strategy Meeting


The August 8th strategy meeting started with a recap of Association staff accomplishments during the past year (July 2018 – June 2019). 

Human Resources: Gina Steele, HR Consultant

Last year was a challenging year for the Association as it had both many open positions for extended periods of time as well as having a very short tenure staff. Steele gave some statistics on average tenure. Not too long ago, the average Association staff tenure was 15 years of service, now it is 7 years. She also gave a breakdown by department:

  • Admin/Accounting: 4 year tenure (2.5 year if you exclude Arnold Keene, one of the longest serving senior staff members)
  • Parks/Rec: 16 years
  • Golf Maintenance: 18.7 years
  • Building Dept: 2.1 years (1 year if you exclude Angie Gonzalez)

Obviously this isn’t ideal and a lot of institutional knowledge was lost the last few years, especially in the building department (which directly affects every member looking to build or remodel).

On the bright side, workman’s compensation claims are historically low, and very low compared to industry peers. In addition, the Association’s recent email blast announced five new recent hires (let the Association know if you aren’t getting the Friday email blast, email them at

Finance & Accounting: Seth Goldman, CFO

Goldman has been with the Association for 1.5 years. Finance was also shorthanded most of last year, but is now fully staffed. Some stats:

  • On the payables side, on average 780 invoices are processed each month resulting in 460 checks written every month.
  • 1,448 receipts are gathered every month.

Only about 10% of the Association membership pays their bills via ACH (direct bank account withdrawal), and even of those members, not all are paying all parts of their bills via ACH. Give the association a call if you’d like to start using ACH for paying your Association bills.

Every year, it takes a team of people two full weeks to figure out assessment billing (since they must use county property rolls and there are always oddities that pop up with lot splits, etc.).

The Association has recently changed its Information Technology provider and is in the process of upgrading their networks (which will be aided by the fiber network). Once the fiber network is operational everywhere, the Association is looking to provide free guest WiFi in all their buildings (restaurant, golf club, Association offices, etc.).

Parks & Rec: Arnold Keene, Assistant Manager

Parks & Rec has a $1.5M budget, which includes $600K of income from the County to maintain our roadways. It has 16 employees, looks after 60 miles of trails, 200 acres of open space and our sports fields.

The Association has a new Public Works coordinator, Dana Zeno, who will be interfacing with the County on road issues, will work on the our Richardson baseball field bathroom, a potential library expansion, undergrounding utilities, etc. The County is about to undertake a culvert improvement project.

Caitlin Kreutz is transitioning to Parks & Rec manager.

Building Department

Arnold also gave an update about the building department as the new building commissioner, Maryam Babaki, only started this past week. This past year, the building department handled 456 new submittals, which was a large number for the Association. Just this past June saw 61 new submittals.

The Association also hired a code enforcement officer for the first time, Eric Field. Even without a code enforcement officer, the Association imposed $300,000 worth of fines last year, which is a substantial fraction of the Association budget.

Front Desk: Brooke Nichols, Executive Assistant

The Association maintains an email list of Association members for communications, and in particular, sends out email blasts at least once a week. There are about 2,800 emails on this list, which still only includes about 75%-80% of all members. If you aren’t on the list, please contact the Association at to be added to the list.

Interesting stat: Board members spent about 30 hours total in the open meeting portion of Board meetings, and an equal amount of time in the closed executive sessions.

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