RSF Connect Update: Another Year for Completion?


As of last Thursday’s Board meeting, RSF Connect had 41 happy connected customers. The goal is to connect another 40 customers in October, 60 more in November and top out at a steady state of 80 new customers in December.

If you do the math, that means that the 680 or so members that had initially expressed interest in connecting will be connected by end of June next year. I personally expect a couple of hundred more people will want to connect by then, so factoring in a bit of pessimism in these install numbers, it might take about a year from now to install the initial wave of customers. I hope I’m wrong and we can move faster.

Race is now doing site visits in the first four zones from this map. All waivers have been obtained for all private roads, and the last bit of backbone construction should be completed this week. Paving still seems to be an issue – I know our particular street has had a “temporary” patch now for five months with no signs of a paving crew (Update: the day after I published this article, they are paving my street).

The Association recently published this information:

Steps to Connect Your Home to 1-Gigabit Internet Service

1: Submit an inquiry form at so Race has your contact information and knows you are interested in 1-Gigabit internet. If you are unsure if your inquiry was placed, please contact
2: Expect Race to contact you to place your pre-order and schedule a customer site survey. Priority will be determined by zone and the submission dates of inquiry forms. Expect a telephone call from area code 650. Stay apprised of construction progress by visiting
3: (a) Attend the scheduled site survey Race. After determining the best path to install fiber to your home, a Race representative will provide you with a contract that will include a cost estimate; 
  (b) Sign the contract with Race. You can sign a DocuSign version of the contract at that time of the site survey or wait until later. Construction will not be scheduled until Race has received your completed contract; 
  (c) Expect Race or HP Communications to contact you to schedule construction of the fiber path within 7 business days after Race has received your signed contract. Expect a telephone call from area code 951; 
4: Expect pathway construction on the agreed upon date; 
5: (a) Expect Race to contact you to schedule the final installation, including fiber and related equipment, within 7 business days after pathway construction is completed. Expect a telephone call from area code 650 or 877; and 
  (b) Expect final installation in your home on the agreed upon date. 

Contact Information for Race Communications

General Information/Sales Team          (800) 640-9436
Scheduling/Service                                   (877) 722-3833