Traffic: Linking Del Dios to Camino Del Sur


In the RSFA Board meeting last Thursday October 3rd, frustration over cut through rush hour traffic was expressed by most people in attendance. The County was taken to task for not funding roundabouts. Some people brought up a possible solution of building a road connecting Del Dios Highway to Camino Del Sur. This would offload a fair bit of cut through traffic from our two lane roads onto Camino Del Sur’s four lane road. 

As it happens there is, currently, a route that does not disturb any currently built up areas. ie. it is possible to build such a road without requiring any existing structures be moved or residential areas be impacted. Here’s the route in white:

The northern end isn’t near anything. It is well east of the Crosby and a bit west of the Del Dios dam. The southern end has a high school on the west side and a commercial water reclamation facility on the east.

I’m no expert, but this connection strikes me as a great idea for many reasons. It would alleviate some Rancho Santa Fe rush hour cut through traffic. It would give residents with access to Del Dios a better way of reaching a plethora of retail, restaurant, and service destinations in the 4S Ranch and Del Sur neighborhoods.

However, time is of the essence. Obviously, that route isn’t going to remain untouched for long. At some point, it will be filled in with housing developments. Indeed, one way to pay for this is to require any new housing developments in this area to build such a road connector. I am hoping that we can get some political will and focus to make something like this a reality.

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