Baseball Field Bathroom Update


At last Thursday’s Oct 3rd Board Meeting, member Rory Kendall updated us on his sleuthing around County and Federal regulations in an attempt to get the baseball diamond bathroom built in the existing concrete building that is now used as a storage shed:

Building tucked behind the Richardson baseball diamond.

Kendall has been the driving force behind getting the Association to build a permanent bathroom structure to replace the existing porta potty. He’s been working at this for around ten years. About two years ago, the Association board allocated a $100,000 budget to build a bathroom and directed staff to get it done. 

However, it now appears that Kendall and the Association might be on a collision course. There are two options for a new bathroom. Renovate the existing concrete structure shown above, or build a new building in the existing parking lot somewhere:

Richardson baseball diamond parking lot.

Association staff has been favoring building a new building in the parking lot which might include tearing down the existing concrete block building.

Kendall opposes this idea. It would reduce much need parking spaces. It would be less aesthetically pleasing as the existing building is hidden/dwarfed by the baseball diamond structures. And tearing down the building wouldn’t make sense as it has been grandfathered to exist in the floodplain.

The abandoned building is the rightmost structure.

The Problem: Floodplain

The reason the Association is reticent working with the existing building is that it is in the FEMA floodplain. This means there are extra hoops to jump through to get a permit to do anything to the building. Building a new building in the floodplain is certainly out of the question. 

According to Kendall, the building was originally built with a bathroom in 1960 or so, with its sewage supposedly discharging directly into the creek behind it (yikes!). It got used as snack bar at some point, and is now used as a storage facility with a sketchy roof. 

Kendall has done yeoman’s work looking at the detailed FEMA regulations and talking to the County directly and he believes that the renovation can proceed within the FEMA regulations. 

Association staff state that they have been talking with Kendall, and are looking at all options for the bathroom.

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