RSFA May Board Meeting Preview


This Thursday, the RSF Association is having their yearly budget board meeting. The yearly budget is one of the two most important things that impacts us (the other being governance, regulations, enforcement, etc.). I have observed that many otherwise intelligent people in the ranch have little knowledge on what and how the Association spends and takes in money, even as they espouse opinions on policy. I heartily recommend attending this (virtual) meeting so that we may all learn budget facts.

And speaking of governance, it looks like the Association might be passing the three new regulations that have now been through the comment period. We won’t know the possibly revised text of those new regulations until the Association publishes them, which often doesn’t happen until the night before the board meeting.


You must use the zoom application to access the Board meeting, which takes place Thursday May 14th at 9:30am. I previously published a list of tips on how to use zoom.

If you are a member of the RSF Association, you should have received an email last Friday with a link to the zoom meeting. It is also on the Association website in the meeting agenda, located under top menu link called “Board of Directors” and then click on Agendas. Yeah, not easy to find. Failing all that, email me and I’ll send you the link.