RSF Post Readers React to Proposed 7 Story Apartments


Our recent article about the proposed 7 story apartment complex just outside Rancho Santa Fe seems to have hit a nerve. It has been viewed over 3,200 times, probably a Post record.

It is hard to image a worse Encinitas location for such a massive, dense apartment complex. It is far inland, away from major roads and it is right beside Olivenhain, Encinitas’ rural, higher acreage community. 

Our readers are a sharp bunch. Here are some informative comments they sent our way. If you have some ideas/comments about this project, don’t hesitate to let us know via our contact form.

Michele Tutoli:

That project needs to be stopped. I live behind the open field opposite the 7/11 [in Olivenhain].  We incorporated to keep our community characteristics, which for Olivenhain is minimum RR2, horses and 4-H. Our City Council has changed the boundaries of our communities, so that “new Encinitas” is part of our community.  If the State’s goal is affordable housing, then it should count existing affordable housing. Our mayor refused to consider that, with a laugh in disbelief. I suggested a count of our ranches with workers living on site, gated communities with live in nannies, family homes with adult children (some without jobs, some with mental or physical health issues) or seniors, and the caregivers for the seniors for all of us who are looking to age in place.  The best they’ve come up with are ADUs, but up to 1200 sq ft, which effectively changes our ½ acre zoning to ¼ acre.

This project will dump hundreds of cars on Rancho Santa Fe Rd, just north of the RSF-Encinitas intersection and just west of the same intersection on Encinitas Blvd. I can visualize an incredible traffic impasse, as drivers opt to drive through Rancho Santa Fe to get to Lomas Santa Fe/Via de la Valle for the 5 rather than the delay on Manchester. It will impact the drop offs at the Rhodes School and the Encinitas County Day. 

What happens if there’s another major fire? How will the horses be rescued? Olivenhain is RR2 with 4H animals. These high density projects if any, belong along El Camino Real where there is public transportation, jobs, stores, etc.

Wish we had a connection in Sacramento…

Vahe Guzelimian:

I’ve already sent ERRD a couple 1,000 dollars. Thanks for getting the word out.

Sheila Heeger:

The problem is with the Housing & Community Development Deputy Director Olmstead. Someone is clearly not doing their job at the city level, then trying to shift the blame. That is absurd, that homeless and drug addicts will find a new home in the parking lot. Why did the mayor get certified with the state if they didn’t want the project!
I can understand a monster building moving into the neighborhood, I wouldn’t like it. Make the developer do the work at the state level and pay for the new roads. They will, or no game.