RSFA Board Candidate: Michael Sperlinga


This article is part of a series of interview articles we are doing for the 2020 RSFA Board election. 

Michael Sperlinga would like to see Rancho Santa Fe be more family friendly. He zeroed in on the Golf Club restaurant as a key part of this. “The Bridges restaurant caters to couple who want to have a quiet meal and to families with children by having separate areas for the two types of diners”, he explained. He understands how diverse this community is and would like solutions that work for everyone. He is worried that people with children will move if the community isn’t family friendly. “People come here for the great school district, but will move if they don’t feel welcome”. 

Sperlinga believes that the Village is another area that could have a more family friendly focus. “My wife grew up in Rancho Santa Fe and remembers how nice it was to have a local grocery store”. Sperlinga sees a broad trend of de-urbanization and thinks Rancho Santa Fe should be able to capitalize on that, but it would help to have a vibrant Village core. Being pro-Village Business would help. “How can we grow the economy of Rancho Santa Fe?”, he asks. It needn’t even require Association money he thinks, just a pro-business mindset on the Board along with leadership. Thinking out of the box, he thinks money can be raised within the community for community related Village businesses.

Outgoing Board director Steve Dunn encouraged Sperlinga to run for the Board to strengthen young family representation. Dunn had seen that younger (in their 40s and 50s) people with children just didn’t have the time to devote to Board activities. While Sperlinga does have young children, Dunn believes that Sperlinga has the ability to devote a proper amount of time to being a good Board Director.

Sperlinga would also like to see more Board transparency and approachability. “I don’t know why all Board meetings can’t be zoomed [available via on-line video conferencing] and recorded for later viewing” he says. 

In summary, Sperlinga says he has the time, energy and knowledge to help Rancho Santa Fe.

Click here to read Michael Sperlinga’s official campaign flyer that the Association mailed to all members as part of the official election packet.