Our Most Important Election, Part 2


Back in February, I wrote an article with the tongue in cheek title of Our Most Important Election. I was trying to gin up interest for people to nominate themselves for the RSFA Board election. And in the end we ended up with five great candidates for two positions. 

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks interviewing these candidates and I wrote an article about each candidate based on these interviews. After writing each article, I asked each candidate to vet and suggest changes to each article to make sure I got their positions and thoughts correct.

Last night I listened into the RSFA annual general meeting where each candidate spoke for a few minutes and then participated in a Q&A session. I was struck by how well my articles mirrored what the candidates said last night, and frankly, the articles are a better organized and more coherent version of last night. So if you missed the general meeting, no worries, just read these articles. Don’t worry, each one is relatively short, and each article sticks to issues – you can read the included campaign flyers in each article if you want to know biographies. Here are the specific links:


There was no shortage of grand plans to spend money last night. Undergrounding power lines was discussed as a mitigation against SDG&E shutting off our power. Unfortunately undergrounding won’t help fire related shut offs since SDG&E shuts off power based on high winds well east of here. Honestly, if you live in the eastern part of Rancho Santa Fe, get a generator.

Everyone thinks we need to revitalize the Village, but no one had any specific ideas.

Looks like the Osuna horse ranch might be in the cross hairs, either as a candidate to be sold, or partially/completely repurposed to be an asset for more of our membership. I personally think that Osuna’s land is being used very inefficiently and there is room to both keep horse operations and to develop it as a different community asset. But a lot of careful thought must be put into this, and I shudder to think of what a committee design will look like.

Got thoughts you’d like to express on election issues? Have a candidate you’d like to endorse? The RSF Post will publish any reader’s submissions. Please send them over.

Have a happy 4th of July everyone!