Readers React to Jack’s Story


Our Art Jury members put a lot of time and effort into gathering the simple facts and integrating those facts into their decisions as they uphold our Rancho Santa Fe Covenant .

To have the Board step in and usurp that responsibility degrades the Art Jury’s function.

The Board interfering only makes upholding our Covenant more difficult. Every landowner signs saying they will follow our Covenant. However there has to be guardians at the gate to give our Covenant value and adherence.

As to the homeowner’s advocate, in the Art Jury’s domain, it is their hired architect that is their advocate, not our Board. Our Board’s job is to support the Art jury as Art Jury members work to uphold our Rancho Santa Fe Covenant.

Most importantly the power of the Art Jury to protect our Covenant is weakened by the Board not standing behind the Art Jury’s decisions.

Someone has to be given the right to draw “lines in the sand” in order for our Covenant to be upheld. Which is wisely what our founders realized when they wrote our Rancho Santa Fe Covenant.

Art Jurors and Rancho Santa Fe staff are sometimes put in uncomfortable positions and it can affect an Art Juror’s standing in the community. However, their power is the reason Rancho Santa Fe is such a prized community today.

And so I will sign off with my gratitude to all of those since 1928 who have volunteered to serve and to the best of their ability, protect our community’s Covenant.

Most Sincerely and Respectively,
Gail Frazar
A RSF Member since the early 70’s

I am crushed to know that Jack resigned, but I can see why.

When the 20% coverage proposal to include pools, walks, terraces etc. etc. came out, I wrote two PROTESTS to the Board and two articles which were published in the Review, protesting both the idea and the way it was being pushed through without specifics on the impact.    NO REACTION FROM THE BOARD AND NO REACTION FROM MEMBERS THAT I COULD SEE.  Those of us with considerable acreage are not concerned, but once owners of smaller lots realize the degree to which these restrictions limit their rights to build or modify, there will be anguish, anger and lawsuits.   

Pat Astier