RSF Village BLM Protests Escalate


If you haven’t driven through the Rancho Santa Fe Village during the last several days and haven’t seen the BLM protests, click here to get a flavor of what our Village has been like for about four to six hours every day.

It was a tense scene Saturday and Sunday with at least four Sheriff deputies placing themselves between about thirty BLM protesters and the Trump merchandise tent.

Ears Still Ringing

This can’t be fun.

The deputies had good reason to be there. 

A 62 year old local resident I’ll call Bob (not his real name) was helping an older lady get her dog into her car in front of the BLM protesters. Bob was being taunted by the protesters and he rose to the bait by shouting back to them and walking right up to them. He was then hit in the head with the side edge of a sign and had a BLM protester yell into his face with a bullhorn. “My ears are still ringing” he said several hours later when I talked with him.

I confirmed that Bob reported this incident to the Sheriff deputies nearby. They told me they investigated and didn’t have evidence of a crime. I asked the deputies whether they would arrest anyone if they saw an assault being committed and they answered in the affirmative.

“Mom, are we racist?”

Trump merchandise table on Sunday July 26, 2020

Hanging around the Trump merchandise tent was an interesting experience. They got a lot of thumbs up from passersby and a few middle fingers and obscenities. The booth is owned by a lawyer who runs a number of similar tents around the city. I was told that it was a for profit business with some proceeds going to the Trump campaign. I was also told that the person manning their Cardiff tent got stabbed in the hand recently. 

A middle aged woman came by the tent with her 11 year old daughter. She had just driven by the the protesters who, bullhorn in hand, yelled “Honk if you’re not a racist”. When she didn’t honk, another protester shouted to her “Good to know you’re a racist”. This prompted her daughter to ask in a concerned tone, “Mom, are we racist?”.

The Trump tent was forced to close down early Friday when BLM protesters placed a boombox near them blasting profane rap music. Listen to the video linked above to hear a bit of it. 

The activists had two bullhorns on Sunday.

“I hope you get raped”

Last week, three girls were planting homemade “BLM” and “Defund the Police” signs in the Association park in front of the Inn. A female Rancho resident had had enough and asked the girls “What would you do if you got robbed? What would you do if you got raped? You’d call the police wouldn’t you?”. 

This interaction has now become the raison d’être for the continued protests according to Sunday’s BLM protest leader. This man, who heads up the Oceanside BLM protest group, was directing the kids in what they should say on Sunday. Click here to listen in to his version of events, and keep listening to what he thinks of Rancho Santa Fe.

In a nutshell, this has morphed from “What would you do if you got raped” to “I hope you get raped”. Alarmingly, the Oceanside protest leader is actively hunting down that Rancho woman to demand an apology. 

Sorry Rancho, Y’all A Bunch Of Racists

Yes, that’s right, Rancho Santa Fe couldn’t be more racist if we tried according to that video. Not content to leave it there, he then starts talking about how privileged we are, saying that none of us would be arrested by the police because we live in Rancho Santa Fe. He then went on to say that the woman could wish someone be raped because she was privileged and lived in Rancho Santa Fe. My video recording had really bad audio at this point (lots of traffic noise and honking), but the protest leader was shouting “Rancho Santa Fe” into his bullhorn as an epithet. 

Where Is This Going?

Before this weekend it was mostly a bunch of teenagers with sidewalk chalk sticking it to the man. Teenage rebellion. But now that we have an adult protest organizer from outside our community running things, I am worried where this is heading. I am seeing signs of escalation. Minor assaults have already occurred and accusations of same are being thrown around on both sides. What’s next? Non washable paint? More explicit violence? Smashed storefronts?

A quick look at the Instagram account of the Oceanside protest leader shows him being giddy at the prospect of camping out in Rancho Santa Fe and trying to get a reaction from us old fogies. Take a look at his video. Start at the 3:27 mark to see what he thinks of us residents:

I heard a rumor that at least one person checked out of the Inn early to escape the constant noise. While no property damage has occurred yet, these protests are already causing real harm to the local businesses. For those that want a vibrant Village, this is not helpful.

Protests like these are easy targets for people with other agendas to morph the protests into something else. Already the Oceanside activist is stoking class warfare themes saying that because Rancho is rich, it is part of the problem. It is a very small step from there to considering Rancho Santa Fe an enemy that must be taught a lesson. I am very aware that “The Rich” have always had a target on their backs, and these BLM protests are just the vehicle that people can use to piggyback protests against Rancho Santa Fe itself. 

These BLM teenagers, and their parents, are playing with fire.