RSF Connect Update August Edition


The other day I was uploading some largish videos to YouTube. As usual, I got crazy fast upload speeds (15 seconds to upload a gigabyte video) and then it suddenly hit me. My upload and download speeds from YouTube would be the same if the YouTube server were sitting on my local home network. It is as if I have YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and a host of other high bandwidth services directly on my local home network. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if that were true. Mind blown.

Anyhoo, the number of covenant residents connected to RSF Connect continues to rise. As of July 28, we were at 704 installs, with 150 orders pending. As the Association nears the end of the pent up demand for fiber connectivity, it is ramping up marketing efforts to get more people connected. 

$500 Savings If You Act Now

Due to a quirk about how RSF Connect was designed and built (click here for details), RSF Connect installations will cost an average of $500 more after a “subsidy” program runs out. The Association just extended that program until October 31st, but this is the third time they’ve extended the program, so I wouldn’t assume it will be extended further.

I’ve talked to several people who are content to stay on their Spectrum, Cox or AT&T Uverse connection. They realize it isn’t as fast as RSF Connect, but it works well enough and the RSF Connect installation costs are not insignificant. 

All I can say is that RSF Connect is far superior to all other ISPs. Click here to read a review I wrote recently. Yes, installing it will be a “project” like renovating a bathroom or patio. But the end result will be worth it. You literally don’t know what you’re missing.