Is There Nothing We Can Do About Speed Limits?


As residents of Rancho Santa Fe, we are constantly dealing with speeding vehicles in our area. Our main roads are over traveled and our inner roads dangerous. This community has horses, walkers, pets, and most important, children on our streets every day. Residents are afraid to enter some of our roads during high traffic times. We are trying to gather a group of residents and a petition to give to our County Supervisor to have the speed limits lowered in the entire community. It seems like every time this comes up, we are told there is nothing that can do about it. If we can get enough people involved, we can have a meeting with our Supervisor to start some action. We’re sure he would like all of our votes next time he comes up for re-election. We have a contract with the Highway Patrol, but that is part time. An officer is rarely seen in the area. We now have a huge gathering in our village on Saturday mornings. In these tense times with Covid, most people are not wearing masks and not social distancing. Our patrol can only ask them to obey the laws but has no enforcement capabilities. When the gathering is over, we get speeders on Linea De Cielo, Via De La Valley, La Granada, and Calzada Del Bosque. Has anyone seen a Sherriff or Highway Patrol on these streets? We need support and we need action.

In the very near future, we will be faced with the possibility of 300+ new unfamiliar drivers using Los Morros and other covenant roads with the pending Encinitas housing complex at the corners of RSF Road and Encinitas Boulevard.  Can you imagine what will happen when these 300+ new residents come barreling down our country roads? Forget horse crossings, safe pedestrians and our slow quiet country setting and put the ambulance and fire department on speed dial.

Our delicate country roads will be much more congested as density increases even more.  Thoroughfare roads like Los Morros and other roads in the Covenant need to be slowed to decrease accidents and limit “non-local” traffic. (Rancho Santa Fe Road in Olivenhain is an example of intentionally slowed traffic to discourage short cutters).

As we struggle with the increased density in our area, we should ensure that the appropriate officials slow down our roads, or take responsibility for the accidents that will result.  It is irresponsible for authorities not to look closely at the danger they impose by increasing the density upon our old streets.   Let’s save lives and our peace of mind by lowering the speed to a safer level and hopefully redirect thoroughfare traffic.

To sign a petition or to get involved, please contact Margo Atkins or Adele Hendricks.