Rosemarie Rohatgi for RSF School Board


The coronavirus pandemic opened my eyes to the need for us to have a highly functioning school that delivers a premium education. Our children have lost a valuable year of instruction, and unfortunately colleges and universities are not relaxing their admissions requirements. So, my motivation for running for the Board of Trustees is to guarantee that our kids are prepared for the challenges in a global environment. In addition, I will serve without an agenda and pledge that our curriculum remains exciting and inspiring, rivaling and even exceeding that of private schools.

Knowing that my son was about to start Kindergarten, my husband, Sameer, and I decided to purchase a home in the Covenant in 2015, as we were attracted to the top-rated school and we also wanted our children to grow up in a rural environment with a thriving sense of community. Now we are rooted and we are here to grow with the community. We have two children (Grades 1 and 3) at R. Roger Rowe who have attended since Kindergarten. I have tremendous faith in the school, so much so that we have pledged as a family, to the Rancho Santa Fe Educational Foundation (RSFEF), Scholar Circle, at the highest level of Summa Cum Laude. I’m also a Gold Level Community Partner (second highest tier) with RSFEF. We are active parishioners of the Church of the Nativity and our children attend Faith Formation Sunday School. After serving as a parent volunteer and RSFEF donor for many years, and with the support of many parents, I have decided to step up and offer my skills to enrich the learning environment for our children living throughout Elfin Forest and Rancho Santa Fe.

Continuous education and development is a life-long priority for me. I have been a practicing doctor for twenty-three years and during this time, I recognized the demand to treat Sleep Related Breathing Disorders. So, I opened my own medical practice, exclusively focusing on snoring and sleep apnea to help people sleep better and live healthier lives. Starting a company forced me to stretch my skills in finance and budgeting, strategic planning, in and outbound marketing, and negotiations and conflict management. I’m fortunate to have built a successful business, and as I tell my children, I credit my achievement to continuous learning.

My past board experience includes serving as a Board Member for the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego and on a national level as Board of Director for the American Parkinson’s Disease Association. On September 4, 2019, I joined the Board of Directors for the RSF Community Center. Taken together with my work experience, I am well prepared to serve on the Rancho Santa Fe (RSF) School Board.

My Top 3 Priorities

1. Individualized Growth for All Students – Dr. R. Roger Rowe’s mantra was to see each student as an individual and meet their needs academically, socially, and athletically. As such, I will work to provide growth for all students at all educational levels. We need to provide support to those who need gaps to fill, so they are well prepared for the challenging environments of high school, college, and beyond. I want to deliver enrichment to those who are exceeding grade expectations. We should not settle by benchmarking ourselves against other public schools. Rather we should seek out enhanced learning opportunities and innovative curriculum across all disciplines (Arts, Languages, Math, and Sciences) as we should set a higher standard for other schools to follow. This way, by providing a premium education, we instill a discipline of continuous learning to all our students, ensuring that they are prepared for the innovation economy. As Dr. R Roger Rowe often said, “Enjoy what you do. And do what you enjoy.”

2. Collaboration – Dr. Rowe was known for saying, “Treat this district like it is your own, but you have to always understand that it belongs to the community.” As a result, I will collaborate with all key constituents: Parents, Teachers, Administration, Superintendent and fellow Board Members. I will actively solicit input from parents on programs to enhance academics. I will listen to the concerns of teachers, and I’m willing to consider training and professional development programs. If our teachers are well trained, our students are assured exceptional instruction. I will work with the superintendent and the board to assess new and innovative initiatives. Most importantly, I want to engage you, our community, to become more involved at Rowe. For example, could one of our retired lawyers or judges do a seminar on civics? Could one of our local veterans recount a historic event to our fourth graders? We need to capitalize on our vibrant community and the resources it affords.

3. Remain Fiscally Conscious – I intend to make effective use of our resources in supporting our district’s priorities all whilst maintaining  a fiscally responsible approach. My singular focus is on improving the welfare of our students, so with facts in hand, I’m not afraid to make uncomfortable or controversial decisions. I will be transparent in communication and objective in decision making. Yet, most importantly, I will ensure that we bolster our operating reserves for future generations.

This year, I have attended nearly every Special session, Superintendent session and School Board call or Zoom, 16 out of 19 to be exact. I’m abreast of all the issues and as a result, can hit the ground running. I operate on fact based decision making, and I will bring this objectivity and discipline to each and every Board Meeting.

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On September 22, 2020, the RSFEF and the League of Women’s Voters moderated the RSF School Board Candidate Forum. Here is the link to watch the recorded event:

Rosemarie Rohatgi delivering coffee and pastries to the RSF Fire Department to thank them for their service on September 14, 2020