Annette Ross for RSF School Board


I am Annette Ross, and I am running for the RSF school board. My husband, Bill, and our five daughters moved into the Ranch 4 years ago. It is truly a beautiful place to live.

While attending college part time I worked full time as a professional for Morgan Stanley at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After that, I served as a Refco Currency Trader in Bermuda. I became a patient safety advocate after experiencing an epidural accident that left me confined to a wheelchair. I am a fighter, and I’m ready to fight for the best interest of our community’s children. Roger Rowe Elementary has the qualities you really appreciate as a parent: the children are safe, they have excellent teachers, and most importantly, they enter into a caring community each day.

Seven months ago, the coronavirus stopped the world and profoundly impacted all of our lives. When I witnessed the actions of Superintendent Donna Tripi and the RSF School Board, I saw teamwork in action. They quickly came together to ensure the safety of our children. Their success with the San Diego County waiver is the reason we can now appreciate in- school learning safely. In fact, RSFSD was the first public District to have return to in-person learning, and right now, is only one of only three Districts that have in-person learning. Their expediency came from a heartfelt place. Everyone understood and agreed that children learn best when physically sitting in class with their teachers and their peers.

I was inspired by their efforts and wanted to be a part of this wonderful group that is so dedicated to our children, the staff, and the community of Rancho Santa Fe. The health and safety of everyone at Roger Rowe is a priority of mine as we make it through this pandemic. Another priority is maintaining the fiscal responsibility that is currently in place. One issue that is raised every few years is a gym bond. I don’t believe in a bond that will increase taxes, especially as the state is trying to pass Prop 15 to raise property taxes on our commercial real estate, and then, in a future year, will try to cast Prop 13 aside to raise our residential property taxes. We need to hold the line on all taxes, especially the ones that the RSF Board has control over!

The Board made difficult budget decisions 18 months ago, in order to live within its means. This is the right direction, and we cannot go backwards to a culture of large deficits. However, with the budget cuts, the vibrant school library fell by the wayside. With my experience as a published author and passion for literacy, as well as my fiscal vigilance, one of my goals is to redevelop the library program. One way we can teach children about the world we live in is by exposing them to different people, cultures, and places through stories. My hope would be to invite authors to share their books, have genres for book of the month, and host small events that the community can get involved in if they choose. We may even be able to partner with the town library. These are imaginings and I can imagine many ways to expand our sweet library. 

I love to work with people and am open to a plethora of ideas on this topic! My only agenda is to foster a love of reading with well written, thoughtful, and age appropriate books! We also need to meet the needs of all students. Many parents have decided on private school alternatives because their children weren’t challenged enough in public school. I will advocate to have a differentiated curriculum that meets the needs of the students who are ahead of their grade level. This is the year to do it alongside our new curriculum. My greatest priority will be to continue the tradition that already sets this school apart from the others. Roger Rowe is a safe haven where children are protected, supported, and taught to be lifelong learners. We have a community that teaches them respect for our country, for themselves, and for others. That is what I believe makes our school not just special but a treasure.

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