RSFA October 2020 Board Meeting


Meeting started 1.5 hours late, about the same as last month’s meeting. Not a great way to encourage community participation nor the goodwill of reporters like me that write about it.

The meeting started with a motion to accept the minutes including of the strategy session that occurred September 24. Click here to read a separate article I’ve written about the results of the strategy session. Well worth your while to read it so as to not get caught off guard when the Association starts implementing these things.

Anyways, when trying to accept the minutes, the board (minus Bill Weber who was absent) had one of the most inane discussions about the Art Jury, its role, and the process to draft regulations I have ever heard, including a now obligatory drive by Art Jury aspersion (Gallagher: “It is odd that current and former Art Jurors have had different views of their responsibility over the years”). I took copious notes, but I’ll spare you, it wasn’t worth the time.

The 3×3 restaurant committee has an opening. They are looking for a non-golf member to join the committee and help oversee the restaurant remodel project.

California has allowed us to open our playground by the soccer field again. They ask that we wash hands before playing on it. Would be nice if there was a bathroom there so that kids could wash their hands.

Staff member Caitlin Kreutz gave a good presentation about the Association’s on-going fire preparedness project and the associated FireWatch project. I wrote a bit about it in my aforementioned strategy article. Suffice it to say, we will be learning a lot more about this directly from the Association in the coming few months as the next phase gets implemented. We will each receive our own private aerial fire mitigation map of our properties based on moisture retention and other analysis. 

The Association decided to take on some of the burden of properly maintaining our sports fields and has agreed to fund a landscape company to continue maintaining the fields through the rest of the fiscal year.