Jason Karches for RSF School Board


“A Community Is Known by the School It Keeps” and the Rancho Santa Fe School District can be proud of the school we keep.  This did not happen by chance.  This happened through years of dedication and sacrifice by you, me and many of our neighbors who care deeply about our community and children and want to ensure they are provided one of the most challenging and diverse educations available. 

My name is Jason Karches, and I am running for the RSF School Board.  I am running because I care for this community and want to ensure the careful, prudent and thoughtful management of its most important asset, the R. Roger Rowe School.  I believe it is important you can trust those you elect to the School Board.  This is not a popularity contest, a forum for fanatical ideas, or a training ground to learn how to manage people, but it is a serious commitment that demands a seasoned leader committed to the future of our community.

I am excited by the opportunity to serve the community that has given so much to myself and my family through the 40 years we have resided in the Rancho Santa Fe School District.  My wife and I have been blessed to have owned our home in the “Ranch” for the past 10 years while raising our 9 year old daughter who is currently in 4th grade at the R. Roger Rowe School.

For the past 20 years, I have a proven track record of successfully leading medium size businesses in markets ranging from Software as a Service (SaaS) and nutraceuticals to data management and publishing.  I have led companies to flourish through good times and bad. I am an active listener who always seeks to understand others and issues before making an opinion or decision.  As a leader, I set challenging goals (for myself and others) with clear expectations. I design processes to support those being held accountable to assist them in achieving their goals.  With my experience, I have shown I can quickly understand a wide range of issues from multiple viewpoints and then gain consensus to make a decisive decision.  This is a quality which I believe can be invaluable when handling sensitive and difficult topics often confronted by a school board. 

Being local to the area, I graduated in 1989 from San Dieguito High School, earned a BA in Political Science with a minor in Public Administration from SDSU.  I then pursued higher education by earning an MBA from CSUSB. 

If elected to the school board, my initial focus will be to support the superintendent in her efforts to navigate the continued challenges the school is facing with the COVID 19 pandemic.  Once the safety protocols have been proven to keep our children and community safe, my focus will shift to ensuring our Superintendent, Donna Tripi, has the tools and resources she needs available to her so that she can accomplish the goals set forth by the current school board.  From what I have seen, Donna Tripi has the potential to do some amazing things with our school, but she unfortunately came into a very difficult set of circumstances with budget cuts and then the current pandemic.  Quoting a friend, “It’s like we’ve got a Ferrari that’s driving on a road filled with potholes”.  Just imagine what can happen when there are no more potholes, and we can really focus her efforts on what she does best which is to build a world class school.

As a School Board member my priorities will be:

Reconnecting With The Community

I will focus on reengaging the school with the community at a much deeper level by developing a stronger community ownership culture and creating mutually beneficial relationships between the school and local organizations.  Such relationship building may generate new opportunities for the community to support the school.  With my deep local roots, wide network of family and friends in the community, and experience in building strategic partnerships, I am uniquely positioned to ensure we are successful in the goal of reconnecting our school and community.

Achieve Academic Excellence

With the Covid 19 pandemic, we are expecting a lot from our teachers and administrative staff, and they are living up to those expectations.  The R. Roger Rowe School was one of the first schools to open to live classroom learning in San Diego County.  What this tells me is that we have some of the best teachers and staff in the Southern California area.  When the school district asked them to perform, they did so and in spades!  As a board member, it will be paramount that we continue to challenge and support our teachers and staff to perform at levels far above what other public schools expect.  In return, we should ensure we are supporting them by providing a work experience that exceeds their expectations.  As a business leader, I have had the opportunity to build multiple high performing teams, work environments, and company cultures that focus on and celebrate success through setting and supporting high expectations and goals.  Such work led these teams to exceed above what even they thought was possible. 

I believe the state standards are a “C” on a report card.  I also believe that if our school is anything less than an “A,” we haven’t done the job our community expects from our school.  Part of getting that “A” is continuing to ensure we are providing a balanced, rigorous, and engaging curriculum that also offers support when it comes to the social and emotional issues confronting our students and staff.    

Develop Leaders of Tomorrow

Becoming a leader is not something that just happens overnight.  It is an evolution of experiences throughout a lifetime of successes and failures.  I believe the one key component to becoming a successful leader is the courage and willingness to keep challenging yourself to take chances as a leader even if you know you might fail, and if you do fail, you have to have the confidence to get back up and try it again.  As a board member, I will find opportunities within the school and the community that encourage, support, and celebrate fearless leadership skills in our children, staff, and teachers in an uncompromising safe and supportive environment.

Sustainability for Generations

With the future economic uncertainty due to COVID 19, fiscal responsibility and the ability to engage the community to provide additional support will be critical to the future success of the R. Roger Rowe School.  As a business leader and Board Member, I demand and expect fiscal responsibility.  I will challenge our teachers and staff to find creative ways to get things done in a more efficient and effective manner.  I expect rational, not emotional, budget decision making. I am highly experienced in methodically evaluating expenses to ensure we are getting more value for our children’s education than the cost of our resources.


I ask for your support by voting for me in this year’s general election for the Rancho Santa Fe School District Governing Board Member position.  Please feel free to visit my website at www.JasonKarches.com to learn more about me and my ideas. Thank you for your consideration.