Chris Blatt for RSF School Board


I am a ten-year resident in the RSF Covenant and have three kids currently attending Roger Rowe – grades 3, 5, and 7.

For 26 years in the Navy (active & reserves), I supported and defended this country in a variety of places worldwide. In addition to that, as a nuclear engineer, I worked for over 20 years in the semi-conductor industry to help folks like Intel, IBM, and Nvidia build better micro-chips through several companies from start-ups, to turn arounds, and developing marketing and sales team to get new products into circulation.

Further, during my college and military training time, I started tutoring, focusing on math, physics and chemistry to help school age kids grasp the concepts and make learning fun and rewarding. For about a decade I have tutored kids from middle school to high school in both science and math.

While doing that, I started my own venture of helping fellow disabled and homeless veterans obtain housing to honor them for their time and service. I partner with the Veteran’s Administration and other organizations like Father Joe downtown, and Veteran’s Village San Diego to identify veterans who are ready to transition to independent living and regain their self-respect and control of their lives. It is very rewarding to see the positive changes in their lives.

After being downtown for several years, we realized that when our first child was getting ready for pre-school, we needed to change the focus and get him the best education possible.  Thus, we moved here specifically for the school to ensure that he and our future kids had the best education possible in a small and nurturing environment.

Additionally, for over 5 years, I personally participated in the Lego robotics program by assisting teachers, and developing classes for the kids as they learn the fundamentals of engineering.

We are very proud of the Roger Rowe School. My wife Kristi and I contribute to it through the Education Foundation. With other educational options, our school, in a town we love, can be a Number One school! We have much to offer. I wish to build on the legacy of namesake Dr. Roger Rowe: Conveying to students why America is special; respecting the flag; teaching the Constitution and civics. The school has great faculty and parents who, like me, want the best for our students.

My run for the school board is not based on any political agenda or personal self-serving goal. It is simply based on the kids. They must get a solid education, the best education to enable them to easily transition to the next level in the educational ladder.

Please consider me, Chris Blatt for Roger Rowe School Board.