Elections Have Consequences


Is there a rule that all RSFA signage must look old and tired?

I’m talking about the RSFA Board election, of course. This is actually quite a consequential year for the RSFA board since it finds itself flush with cash. Millions of dollars more than it had expected. The big question is, what will the RSFA do with this money? 

Consider Running

Let’s get the mechanics out of the way first. The RSFA board consists of 7 members. Directors Mike Gallagher and Sharon Ruhnau are terming off, leaving Bill Weber, Laurel Lemarie, and Bill Strong with one more year and Rick Sapp and Greg Gruzdowich with two. Two new positions are up for grabs this year.

To run, all you need to do is fill out the self nomination form contained in this packet. Think quickly, because the deadline is fast approaching on March 12, 5:00pm. 


As I’ve done in past years, I’ve compiled a list of issues that I think are significant. For comparison, here’s last year’s list of issues.


Is it just me, or is the board really spending a lot of their time working on new regulations? Rather than spending time constraining us via more regulations, maybe the board’s time would be better spent working on providing more services? As I’ve lamented on many occasions, our recreation facilities could all use at least a facelift if not expansion. This segues into the next major issue which is…


This Golf/Tennis Club sign would have looked dated 40 years ago.

As I mentioned, the Association is awash with money right now (combo of the forgiven PPP loan, and increased usage fees from, yep, recreation facilities). As we speak, the staff and board are working on the 21/22 budget. I suspect they won’t be bold (there is a deep strain of fiscal conservatism that runs in this community). Meaning that I suspect there will still be ample opportunity for the new board to either sit on its cash pile in 21/22, or put it to productive use. 

I favor the latter. Our dues obviously aren’t going to go up. So let’s invest the money in our future. Were I on the board, I’d be asking every recreation facility (including the sports fields! They are always forgotten) for an expansion/renovation plan. 

Information Technology Infrastructure

Did you notice how Association email and Point of Sale systems went down during the power outage last fall when SDG&E shut down our power for a couple of days? Given we now have a generator backed up computer building (built for the Association’s RSF Connect’s fiber network, but big enough to house other Association equipment), there is no excuse for such critical systems to be down during power outages. Hopefully the board has or will instruct staff to ensure that such systems are protected from future power outages.

The RSF Connect central office has generator backed power that the Association should be using.

Our computer infrastructure is also rickety. It needs to be moved to the cloud.

And has anyone tried to find information on the Association’s web site? It’s an exercise in Where’s Waldo. There are no less than four different menus scattered across the main page. And here’s a fun one! I had previously lamented that the Association website made no mention of the Arroyo. It turns out that it does mention it, but only if you haven’t logged in as an association member. See the nearby picture, but the Recreation menu disappears never to be seen again if you login into the Association web site. 

It would be nice if the board spent any time at all discussing our computer infrastructure and improvement thereof.


Other Issues

Bad cellular coverage is endemic in Rancho. It could be fixed if the board made it a priority. Right now, there seems to be no will on the board to improve coverage.

We are an unusual HOA in that we do not own our own roads. They are mostly owned by the County, with a fair number of private roads sprinkled here and there. But this doesn’t mean we should allow the county to let our roads fall into disrepair and/or botch parking conversion projects. Below is what one of our village streets currently looks like after the County did a half assed job at converting it to a one way street to maximize parking.

The double yellow line should not be there anymore making this street confusing, dangerous and ugly.

I continue to think our HOA fines are way too high (They can start at $10,000 for an initial infraction escalating $3,000 per week until cured). Our RSFA board seem to think we are all insanely rich.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to enhance or change? Discuss this and anything else in Discussion Forums.