RSFA May Board Meeting


Current proposed design concept for the bar area of the remodeled restaurant.

Restaurant Remodel

The Association has been working towards remodeling the golf club restaurant. The board commissioned Ocio Design Group to render initial design concepts, and at this meeting, approved $80K to move the concepts through construction cost estimation and initial permitting ($40K to be paid by the golf club, $40K by the Association). 

While the Association hasn’t publicized the initial design, it is available for all to see here. According to board member Rick Sapp, the current idea is for Ocio to present their design to the general membership around June or July when hopefully in person meeting restrictions will be lifted.

Ocio’s design concept for main dining room. More images at the link.

Word has gotten out about the initial design and at the board meeting, member Holly Marion wrote a letter that was read out loud criticizing the design as being too modern and not in keeping with Rancho’s aesthetics.

UPDATE Monday May 10th: Bill Johnson, golf club board member, emailed me this new information:

…we have no intention of remodeling the clubhouse in the style portrayed in the preliminary Ocio renderings you published. And we’ve asked Ocio to give us new renderings that are more in keeping with his original sketches, and that better reflect the ambience of both our community and our club.

Opinions will vary, but my personal take is that the decor gives me a Marriott hotel vibe. Almost like a 1970’s modern look. The intention was to make it more casual (as per survey feedback), but you can be casual without looking cheap or retro futuristic. 

Apart from the decor, the idea of opening up the bar area making the entire restaurant more open is nice, as is the indoor/outdoor expanded patios with large glass doors (gee, I hope it can pass the new board imposed Art Jury design guidelines restricting the amount of glass surfaces). I personally would like to see booths added along the interior walls and ensure that all chairs and booths are comfortable to sit in.

What do you think? Give us and the board feedback at and respectively (or do both, see a comment on that below). 

Expanded Restaurant Cost Sharing

Starting in the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the Association started sharing restaurant deficit costs with the golf club. Up until then, the golf club paid for all deficits even though all Association members had access to and used the restaurant. For 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, the Association paid $300K to the golf club under this new arrangement. At this board meeting, additional cost items were added to the equation to determine a more comprehensive restaurant operating deficit number, and the end result is that the board voted to increase the payment to the golf club to $471K for 2021-2022. Read this memo which goes into the details.

Got questions or opinions about this? I suggest talking about it in our discussion forums. If you have problems creating a discussion forum sign on, please let me know at

Prices Increases for Almost Everything

The board passed resolutions to increase golf, tennis, and pickleball fees and accepted a recommendation from the building department to increase building permit fees. Conspicuously absent was Osuna Ranch fee increases, something I think is sorely needed especially considering Osuna costs us money, yet very few members use it (Update: The fiscal 2022 budget assumes a 5% Osuna stall rate increase, still not enough).

Starting July 1, golf members will see a 10% increase in monthly dues to $1,075. New members joining the golf club will be paying $75,000 as of September 1, up from the current $50,000 which was the amount set in 2004. If you’re on the fence about joining the golf club, you might want to do so before the new initiation fee kicks in. Click here to read the memo about these fee increases.

For tennis, the initiation fee will increase from $3750 to $4000. Pickleball, from $500 to $750. Yearly dues will increase about 8% on average (there are a bazillion membership classes). Full fee increase details are contained in this memo.

The Association building department also asked for fee increases amounting to 10% across the board for all applications. Staff memo is here.

The Golf Men’s Locker Room Lounge

The board voted to change the Vaquero Lounge from a co-ed lounge to a men’s only lounge and to change the Bougainvillea Lounge from a co-ed lounge to a woman’s only lounge. As I mentioned in my article about this topic, there were two intertwined issues. One was an issue of fairness since the men’s lounge is larger than the woman’s lounge, and other was a legal issue whether or not non golf members could be restricted from using the golf clubhouse facilities. 

On the fairness issue, the overwhelming number of golf members are men, so just as the men’s locker room itself is bigger than the woman’s, it makes sense that the lounges should be different sizes. In making their decision, the board also decided to officially decommission the bar in the men’s lounge area (I had never seen it staffed anyways). I have yet to find a woman golf member who objects to this new policy.

With respect to barring non golfer Association members from these lounges and locker rooms, this is a making a mountain out of a molehill. In practice, non golfer Association members use the lounges all the time as guests of golf members. My wife, who is a non golf member, routinely used to play Mahjong (before Covid) in the co-ed lounge as a putative guest of a golf member. I mean, it isn’t as if there is a maître d’ checking people’s membership status as they enter the lounges. 

Memo about the change is here.

Player’s Clubhouse showing lady’s, men’s and co-ed spaces.

Member Feedback

A lot of you have been sending in your feedback to the board lately, which is great. But as was highlighted in this past board meeting, the only people who are allowed to read your feedback are the board members. Your feedback is not made available for other members to see. Some people may like it this way, but if you’d like your views on any particular topic heard by more than just the board members, copy the RSF Post on your emails when you send feedback to Just copy I’ll aggregate all such emails before each board meeting and publish an article containing them so we may all see member feedback before the board meetings.