RSF Post Interview with Courtney LeBeau


With stints on the Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club and Rancho Riding Club boards, Courtney has seen first hand what it takes to work co-operatively with other board members and Association staff. She is proud of the challenges she had met as president of the tennis club as they had to handle the Covid shutdown while simultaneously handling an AB5 imposed contractor to employee conversion process.

Like the rest of us, she has seen the friction between members on the current Association board and would like to see the board run more smoothly. She is amenable to many personalities and feels this leadership quality of hers will allow her to fit in, as she has already worked quite a bit with the existing Association board as president of the tennis club. Her overall philosophy is to be trusting of the appropriate committees, boards of our divisions and staff. She thinks true board leadership should listen to members, and then make appropriate decisions that are discussed in the open.

She also thinks it is high time we had fun in Rancho with more emphasis placed on recreational activities, be it a spruced up restaurant/social scene or improved golf/tennis and other athletic facilities.

She is worried about our vulnerable residents and what happens during our now routine electric power extended shutdowns. She relays a story that during the last power outage, she visited an acquaintance and found her home at 42 degrees. She’d like to leverage the Patrol to help out in these and other situations.

In the final analysis, Courtney likes to get things done and feels she has the experience to do so competently, and has fostered the relationships to be effective.