RSF Post Interview with Lorraine Kent


Rancho Santa Fe is composed of many different sub groups: parents with families, Roger Rowe parents, equestrians, golfers, empty nesters, retirees, long time residents, and Lorraine Kent can claim to be part of all of these groups Which gives her a unique perspective as a potential member of the Association board.

In talking with her, you can tell she really loves Rancho and appreciates what makes it special. Her number one priority is Village revitalization, a big task that frankly almost every board candidate for the past 20 years has at least given lip service to. Her thoughts on this subject:

  • The Village needs an urban plan, maybe enroll local university urban planning students to work on such.
  • Discussions need to be had with businesses to see what their needs are (Eg. parking).
  • Inducements need to be considered.
  • Joint projects with private business need to be considered.

Lorraine is big on transparency and good governance. To her that means letting committees do their jobs without the board micromanaging their decisions. I personally have seen a worrying trend of the board exercising control over the Art Jury and all committees (for example, installing “liaisons” as chairmen onto important committees), so to me this is a welcome change of direction. 

Lorraine mentioned that there are two committees specifically called out in the Covenant with the implication that they run along side the board, not subservient to it. One is the Art Jury, the other is a Recreation Committee, something we don’t even have. While overlapping committees might not be the right answer (we already have committees focused on golf, tennis and Osuna), no one is focused on our playing fields, for example, nor other potential recreational activities.

More good governance ideas: run more member surveys. Rather than the board coming up with priorities in a vacuum (which really means focusing on their pet concerns), ask members what their views are. She would like an omnibus strategic survey sent out to all residents every four years to inform boards what they should be focusing on.

Lorraine has penned a much more detailed article describing herself and her candidacy here.