RSF Post Interview with Paul Seitz


Paul wants to improve the Association’s member friendliness. Based on his own experiences renovating his horse ranch property, he’d like the Association to do a better job at helping members navigate through the permitting and building process. For example, it can now take a week to get answers to relatively simple questions as the question gets bounced around staff and the board. He’d like to empower staff to deal with questions without board involvement. In a similar vein, the website should be revamped to make it easier for property owners to research their own issues. An example he gave was the rule for fencing. It should be easy for a homeowner to find out what the regulation is for building your own fence, whereas right now it is not.

Paul thinks board transparency and professionalism needs work. He’d like the board to give more notice on what it is working on before it gets to the published draft for comments stage. He’s also like to see time certain meetings. If a board meeting is set to start at 10:00am, having it actually start an hour later (as has happened in the last year) is unacceptable in his view. 

As a lifelong horseman, Paul has common sense opinions on Osuna. In my opinion (and his), Osuna has a bunch of deferred maintenance that needs to be addressed. The facilities are in various states of disrepair. Based on his knowledge of how to run horse barns he says he could recommend many improvements and make Osuna a profitable operation 

As a parent with younger children, Paul would like to see more emphasis placed on recreation facilities. He relates a story a couple of years ago where his daughter’s soccer team had two rolled ankles when practicing on the soccer fields due to uneven surfaces which is, again, a maintenance issue. He is frustrated that the board appears to have devoted no time in the last many years to getting toilets installed at the recreation fields. 

In summary, Paul’s two main themes are improving the Association’s accessibility and ease of use, and improving our recreation facilities.