Hardie Board Poll


On the heels of our very successful restaurant upgrade poll, I’d like to keep the momentum going and gauge people’s opinion on Hardie Board (yeah, I know it’s a trade name, the correct description is fiber cement board, but Hardie Board is easier to say and understand).

As you may recall, the Association board banned the use of Hardie Board as an exterior siding material just over two years ago. Before then, it had been allowed and used for decades in Rancho. I’ve written extensively about this, so you can review my initial piece here, and this opinion piece where I take down the Association’s argument for banning it. 

It is estimated that about 30% of Rancho houses are built in the style of California Ranch, almost all of which use wood or Hardie Board as a siding material. If these houses require maintenance or a remodel, they will have to use wood right now unless the board reverses its March 2019 board resolution. 

So, my poll this time is very simple. And since so many of you provided comments for the restaurant upgrade poll, I’ve made the comment section bigger. After voting, you’ll see the current results and all the comments. 

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Should the Association allow homeowners to use Hardie Board (fiber cement board) as an exterior building material?
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