Comstock, Kent Win RSFA Board Seats


With a fairly average number of number of ballots cast (see below), Daniel Comstock and Lorraine Kent won the most votes out of the five candidates running for the two RSFA board seats.

I was asked a few times what I thought the winning formula would be for this election, and I generally demurred since I really didn’t know. And the winners ended up on the polar opposite side of the RSFA experience side of the equation with Kent having been involved with RSF for a very long time, while Comstock is fairly new to the community. Each presumably will bring different perspectives to the position.

As of July 1st, the RSFA board will consist of:

  • Bill Strong (1 year remaining)
  • Laurel Lemarie (1 year remaining)
  • Bill Weber (1 year remaining)
  • Rick Sapp (2 years remaining)
  • Greg Gruzdowich (2 years remaining)
  • Daniel Comstock (3 years remaining)
  • Lorraine Kent (3 years remaining)

Voter turnout ended up being about the historical average over the past 8 years:

So that’s five years now of drama free elections after the barn burners of 2014 and 2016. It might not be as interesting, but it feels nicer. Official results: