“CA Bill SB9 Would Destroy RSF”


So said RSFA board president Bill Weber at the August RSFA board meeting. The board invited CA Senator Brian Jones (R) to speak at the meeting and a major topic of conversation was CA Senate Bill 9 (and the even worse SB 10) which would allow homeowners to lot split their properties in contravention of CC&Rs. Combined with the existing ADU law, it would allow four properties on a single existing single family home lot.

Jones is opposed to SB9, whereas the senator whose district is right next to Jones, Teri Atkins (D), wrote it. Most of the RSF region, along with rural east county is in Jones’ district, while the western most portion of RSF along with the City of San Diego is in Atkins’.

Weber noted that SB9 failed passage last year, but was a very real threat this year.

Here are some recent articles about SB9:

Would it be too churlish for me to remind people that you should be careful the next time you vote or make a political donation? All too often I see people complaining about this or that law or policy and when I ask them if they supported the politician that is pushing those same policies, I often get back an anguished reply. Elections matter.