Board Communication Poll


The pandemic introduced us to zoom meetings, and I must say, I kinda liked them. They were very convenient, allowed multi-tasking, and enabled people to attend even when travelling.

So the first question below is whether or not the Association should have zoom meetings going forward. Now, there are two ways to do this. One is to simply go back to 100% zoom meetings, with no in person meeting at all. The second is to have hybrid meetings, which is what all the public agencies around us do. They have in person meetings, but have a camera and microphones so that people can watch remotely. Without getting into details on which way to do it, I’m just asking, do you want the capability to watch remotely?

The second question regards recording the meetings. Many people might want to watch just a portion of the meeting, or want to watch it after they come home from work. Recording the meeting gives members these options.

The third question is about noticing special board meetings. We had another special board meeting in December that no regular member attended since no one knew about it. So the question is simple – in addition to the legally required minimum of tacking a paper notice onto a message board, should the Association also notify us via email for special Board meetings?

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Should the Association make all Board meetings accessible via Internet video streaming?
Should the Association record meetings and make them accessible to members for later playback?
Should the Association email members alerting them to upcoming special meetings?
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