RSFA’s Secret “Open” Board Meetings


Over two years ago I complained about the RSFA board not giving members adequate notice of special board meetings. Well, it happened again, just over a week ago. You didn’t know about it? Of course not since the Association didn’t tell you. Oh, they complied with the legal minimum of posting a note outside the Association and Post Offices offices and a buried agenda somewhere on the Association web site. But no emails were sent to any members alerting us to the meeting. So unless you are in the habit of checking the Association’s website Board Meeting Agenda submenu every four days, you wouldn’t have known about it.

My question is why? It takes almost no time to send an email. I suspect the reason in this particular case was to avoid bringing a spotlight to the bolluxed up Art Jury selection. If that was the reason, it didn’t work out very well.

Whatever the reason, it is bad practice. Over the years, Board minutes have become so anodyne that most of the useful information that takes place is not recorded (not stating who the Art Jury nominees are, as required by the Board’s own resolution, is but one small example). There’s a reason why people keep telling me that my Board meeting after action reports are the only way they know what’s really going on.

If Board meetings are not noticed in a practical and useful manner, then an unscrupulous Board could misuse their power to pass all sorts of things without anyone knowing. Its a way to “comply” with the open meeting laws without really complying. Given that recent Boards are all over the Art Jury trying to hem them in so that future Art Juries don’t go rogue, the hypocrisy is exquisite.

Holding The Board Accountable – Step 1

Let’s do a poll! Do you think the Board should alert all members via a simple email when special board meetings are called? Click here to anonymously participate in the poll on this and other related questions.

Holding The Board Accountable – Step 2

There is a way to force the Association to send you a personal email for all general notices, and special board meetings fall into that category. Let’s see what the poll results look like and see if the Association does the right thing and changes its policy on special meeting notices on its own before making this info public.