More Dog Park Feedback


A number of other people wanted to chime in on the idea of building a dog park in Rancho Santa Fe. Here’s their feedback.

Prior to Covid, we were frequent users of Encinitas dog parks and did agility with our dog in Escondido; we’ve sampled many dog parks on our regular drive to Seattle and now visit 3 Seattle dog parks. Numerous golf course walkers share our enthusiasm for such a park. The only concern I’ve heard raised is that an RSF park might be widely used by non-residents, which could easily be addressed with key fob entry or something similar. I personally prefer the Osuna site, which would require additional work but already has some fencing, shade trees, a parking area, and village proximity, although we’re also regular Arroyo walkers. If you hear from others with this interest, I’d love to join a committee when we return to RSF.

Sally Koblinsky

We have an underutilized community asset right under our noses. I met with the Osuna committee 2-3 years ago regarding utilizing the lower property abutting Via de La Valle for a dog park. Some measures would need to be taken according to the committee and horse owners who keep their animals up top. This portion of the Osuna already looks like a park with the recent Garden Club grants beautifying the low land. Understandably there is a NIMBY attitude from the equestrian’s up top, of which we all know want their “Private Idaho”. Why not is my question? Just a 3rd generation RSF Dog Owner thinking aloud and in response to your recent post.

Cutter Clotfelter

I’ve lived in RSF almost 40yrs and it has always saddened me that in this open country setting there is nowhere for dogs to run off leash.

I grew up in England where I was fortunate to enjoy a ‘Key Park’. It was paid membership for the neighborhood homeowners only and besides being a nature park, with benches, it housed a children’s playground (the one area dogs were not permitted)

Thought you might enjoy reading about it and its membership rules as the concept worked well and I believe it is still in existence.

‘Welcome To The Key Park’