Revised Trails Regulation Posted For Your Comments


In the April 2022 Board meeting, a revised Trails Easement regulation was posted for member comment.

In the past, the Association may have required that property owners who have a driveway intersecting an equestrian trail, “install and maintain, at the property owner’s expense, slip-resistant surface materials”. The proposed regulation now states that property owners must do so (section 16.0801). Staff recommends this section to remain the way it was, with no changes because “it allows the Art Jury and the Association to request improvements on a case by case basis”.

The new regulation also adds these two sections:

16.09 Fencing along Trails. Fences shall be set back at least three feet (3’) from trails.

16.10 Planting along Trails. Plants with sharp spines, thorns or needles, such as, but not limited to, cactus, succulents, roses and bougainvillea, shall not be planted within 5’ of trails, in order to reduce danger to trail users and maintenance crews.

As always, please provide your feedback to