Cars & Coffee Speeding Must Stop


While waiting ten minutes for my pickleball guests to arrive Saturday morning, I recorded the following sounds from my house coming from Linea Del Cielo, which is about 1/3 of a mile away.

I didn’t hike up the audio – you can hear the birds chirping when they aren’t drowned out by the supercars racing down Linea. La Granada gets even more speeders.

I am assuming these idiots are non local, but regardless, they are absolutely breaking the law – there is no way they aren’t exceeding our 40 MPH speed limits.

I don’t have to emphasize how exceedingly dangerous this is. Kids are out on their electric bicycles on our zero shoulder roads. And, of course, the noise is more than annoying. Sounds from speeders on La Granada are actually spooking mounted horses at the Rancho Riding Club, which is the last thing you want when riding.

I like Cars & Coffee. I like the community vibe, the social aspect, and the fact that it helps the few village retailers we have. But the speeding has to stop.

I did an experiment to see if I could read license plates numbers from my car’s drive cam when a Ferrari decided I was driving too slow recently and passed me, speeding down the road. Unfortunately, video resolution isn’t good enough. You’d really need to take a picture, which has much higher resolution. But then you’d have to be at the side of the road as these speedsters passed on by.

It would be nice if the Association could task the Patrol to take pictures of such law breakers, and of course, the Sheriff might dedicate a car or motorcycle for a few hours Saturday morning. The speeders wouldn’t be hard to catch, you can literally hear them from a mile away.

What’s really galling is that the same San Diego County Sheriffs that could catch Saturday morning speeders routinely set up shop on Lomas Santa Fe heading into Rancho to catch speeders there. And there’s very little danger on that 40 MPH stretch of Lomas since it is four lanes wide and straight. Meanwhile very high speed supercars are driving with impunity on our curvy and dangerous roads.

In the end, this is the only thing that’ll stop people from speeding on our roads.