Golf Club Restaurant Online Reservations


All RSFA members can now make golf club restaurant reservations online via the Association website and phone app.

Members had access to this functionality via the golf club website, but now this is available to all Association members who have a login account to the RSFA website. Instructions are below, and then later I give some thoughts and a sneak peek about future Association technology upgrades.

How to Access Restaurant Reservations

From your phone or desktop PC, go to and then login. If you do this from your phone, select the mobile site version.

If logged in from a phone, you’ll see a new item on the front page called Dining Reservations in the middle of your screen.

The desktop interface is more complicated since the main page has four separate menus (yes, the Association is working on fixing that, see below), so find the Dining Reservations menu on the right hand side of the page:

By the way, the Association also has a smartphone app which also now has restaurant reservations functionality from the app menu (click here for Apple app, and click here for Android app).

What’s Next?

One of the RSFA Board’s priorities this year is to update the Association’s technology to give members better online access to various Rancho Santa Fe Association activities, features and information.

This new restaurant reservation access was a simply a quick fix that could be added to the existing web site, but going forward what is needed is a much bigger project. The Association’s current web site is built on old technology and needs a complete re-write/overhaul. Association staff has been working with a vendor the last few months to plan out such a project.

The goal is to have a single responsive website (so no more mobile only version different from the desktop version), and a much better smartphone app that will have notification features for two way communications.

Major Information Technology Project

Staff researched what was available on the market for a possible off the shelf solution. It turns out that Rancho is a complex beast and there isn’t a complete off the shelf solution that would deliver all the functionality the Association needs. But there are good semi-custom solutions and staff is working with a vendor to scope out such a project.

This will take time. And honestly, success isn’t guaranteed (I did this kind of system integration work as a consultant out of college back in the day, so I’ve seen my share of Information Technology disasters). But frankly we lucked in with the relatively new hire of Dominique Albrecht as assistant General Manager. I believe she has the chops to manage such a complex project to a successful conclusion.

The piece I’m really looking forward to is a new app that will have two way communications. The Association will be able to send you notices (no more emails being lost in your spam/junk folder), and you’ll be able to electronically communicate with the Association on a variety of topics as well as use more electronic forms.

Golf Club Tee Sheet

Finally, for the golfers out there, I’ve been asked a few times about what happened to the online tee sheet our golf club used to have. It wasn’t a technology issue, but a policy change. Our golf club has been a victim of its own success and they have found that having golfers call in for reservations and talk to a person makes the whole process work much more smoothly. This wasn’t as much of an issue pre-Covid, but from Covid onwards, the golf course has seen a huge increase in rounds played and thus staff needed to be more hands on to efficiently allocate tee times.

I talked with Michael Jack, Director of Golf, and he said that they are working towards making the online tee sheet available in a read only mode so that players can see if their buddies are playing, when the various groups are going out, etc.