If you are a member of the RSF Association, you should be receiving your yearly assessment invoice this weekend (click here to see the rate the Board set this year). In this package, there is also a suggestion that you donate $100 or more to the RSF POlitical Action Committee (PAC). This article explains how the PAC operates and what it spends its money on.

PAC Board

Decisions on what to spend PAC money on are made by the RSF Association Board. Whenever the PAC deems it necessary to debate a spending decision, an open public PAC meeting will be scheduled, typically just before a regular Association Board meeting. In the past five years, only one PAC meeting per year has been held.

This last PAC meeting occurred at the last Association Board meeting (October’s) when the Board debated and approved donating money to the Encinitas Residents for Responsible Development (ERRD) to help them with their lawsuit against the City of Encinitas challenging their approval for the massive six story Goodson apartment building just outside Rancho.

The PAC doesn’t incur overhead expenses, and all donated monies directly fund the causes.

Recent Activity

In the past several years, PAC funds have also been used for a water rate lawsuit. Since the Santa Fe Irrigation District charges higher water rates for larger water users, the Association launched a lawsuit in 2016 complaining that this was illegal under California law which states that rates must be equitable for all customers. While this lawsuit was settled last year, the Association reserved the right to re-litigate pending the results of their latest cost of service study.

Occasionally, the PAC will also donate money to County level politicians to help with policy access important to Rancho.

Consider Donating

So there you have it, all you ever wanted to know about the PAC. Please consider donating to it when you receive your yearly HOA assessment package. The monies will only be used for things that benefit all Rancho residents in a transparent manner.

While $100 is a suggested amount, you can donate any amount (either more or less), and while sending a check is an easy way to donate, you can also donate online via this site.