RSFA To Expand Into New Facilities

The new office space the Association is leasing at 6046 El Tordo.

The RSF Association has been running out of office space for many years now. People who have meetings at the Association offices know that the outdoor back patio is the defacto conference “room”. Personnel are spread in multiple locations already, with some office personnel squeezing in with the Patrol (which is already in leased space from the Fire Department).

As a “temporary” measure (which in this case is expected to last around five years), the Association leased the entire 3,884 sq ft “Culver” building at 6046 El Tordo, a short walk from the existing wholly owned Association building.

Existing RSF Association offices mid left and new additional offices identified as 6046 El Tordo.

Association staff will spend the next couple of months getting this two story office space ready (including constructing a connection to the RSF Connect fiber network) for a January 1st move in date.

RSFA administration personnel, accounting, communications, and some others will move to 6046 El Tordo with the building department staying behind at the current Association offices. This will allow for a renovation in the existing offices to build a large meeting room to house Art Jury meetings and other member meetings. This will also allow the building department to have more storage and hopefully build a library of standard building materials.

New Telephone System

Co-incident with this move, the Association is also moving to a new Internet based telephone system to replace an aging PBX based one. The new system will use a business class VOIP service from Vonage and provide new functionality including being able to multi ring business extensions to personal cell phones, for example. The RSF Connect Internet service has proven itself to be extremely reliable and is seen as a stable network to host the new telephone system. This move should result in operational cost savings.

Consolidated Space In The Future

Once the dust settles, staff may at some point look at options to consolidate all staff into one location. This would be many years in the planning process. This may entail building a new building somewhere on Association owned land. This is currently in the “pipe dream” stage, so don’t expect any updates, if it proceeds at all, on this for a while.