Local Resident’s Equestrian, Music Concert and Carnival Extravaganza


Local equestrians probably know RSF resident Ali Nilforushan as the maestro who has hosted some of the highest end equestrian shows this area has seen.

Well, he’s at it again and this time he is bringing in top notch musical acts and a carnival with rides for the kids all taking place at the Fairgrounds. More than $4M has been invested in upgrades to make this a series of events you don’t want to miss.

As Ali explains:

This event is set up to draw in new people to experience my beautiful sport. When you walk through the gate, there will be a carnival, Ferris Wheel, games, rides. The general public who don’t know about horse jumping can come for that and then come inside and check out great athletes and animals practicing their craft. And after that, there will be a concert/entertainment that normally would cost $75, and I can give that to you for $25.

Seaside Equestrian Tour

Starting the week of January 25th and continuing for 7 weeks (one week break in the middle), the Seaside Equestrian Tour Hunter/Jumper show will take place at the Fairgrounds. Four rings, two hunter, two jumper. (Show site, and Prize List).

Ali has massively upgraded the VIP area. First, the indoor arena is being augmented with large wind screens, and even stacked shipping containers to keep out the off-shore breezes. Second, the old glassed in east side lounge with the quaint 1960’s era carpeting has been given a major makeover. Gone is the carpet replaced by high end hardwood flooring. This will house the VIP food and drink stations. Third, the upper east side benches have been replaced with large expansive platforms with sit down table seating, fire pits(!) and flowers overlooking the indoor arena.

VIP access is cheap! At least compared to any other A level show I’ve attended in the past. $550 per week per person (click here to buy). VIP access also gives you great seating to see the weekly concerts after every Saturday night grand prix (see below for other seating options).

Entertainment Acts

Every Saturday night starting on January 28th, the Grand Prix jumping event will start around 5:30pm. Immediately following, around 7:30pm, a nationally recognized entertainment act will follow. Here’s a list of performers that have been confirmed so far:

  • January 28: A R I Z O N A. An indie pop band known for their electronic-infused sound and catchy lyrics that often incorporate elements of pop, rock and R&B in their music.
  • February 4: The Bobby Kerr Mustang Act.
  • February 11: Queen Nation. Top rated Queen cover band. Too young/clued out to have seen and heard the once in a lifetime Freddie Mercury perform? Queen Nation will take you back in time…
  • March 4: Badfish. Sublime cover band.
  • March 11: Steel Pulse.

Ali has augmented the indoor arena with an amazing suspended speaker sound system along with an arena spanning constellation of computer controlled lights. I heard the sound system while it was being checked out, it sounds amazing!

Carnival! Food! Drinks!

Just outside the indoor arena will be a mini-carnival with rides, a Ferris Wheel, food trucks, drinks, etc.

Carnival access is free during the week and Sunday and $25 on Saturday. And that $25 per person also gives you access to the Grand Prix and standing stage access to the musical/entertainment act to follow!

$30/seat for bleacher seating for the Saturday Night entertainment.

Ring side box seating is available at $75 to $150/box seat (must buy all 6 seats in box).

Tickets for all Grand Prix, carnival and all bands are available here.

VIP Lounge access at $550/person/week available here.