Welcome to Constructive Dialog and to New RSF Post Editor


Mr. Weber is a 25-year Ranch resident and formerly held the position of RSFA President.

I would like to echo Phil Trubey’s welcome to Rachel Laffer on her return to the RSF Post as its new editor.  Blogs, like the RSF Post, can be a good forum for productive dialog.  I agree that it is (and probably has been) difficult for a Director on the Association Board to fully, faithfully and fairly also fulfill his responsibilities as Editor of the Post.

I disagree, however, with the implication that the Post is – or should be – primarily a vehicle for criticism of the Association.  No doubt there are, as Trubey points out, very few issues that garner 100% support of the community.  But there are also many aspects with which more than 90% of our community are happy – as demonstrated by last year’s community survey.

Once the Board makes a decision, it is a Director’s responsibility to support that decision as if it were unanimous.  But that doesn’t mean that a Director must be a “cheerleader” for the initiative.  It does mean that he/she recognize that a decision has been made and that they abide by that decision.

Trubey states, “I hope people will feel free to criticize the Board’s policies going forward.”  He adds that ” . . . it is important to let the Association know when something could be improved.”  In my 25 years of living in this community, I have never sensed that our residents have been at all reticent about offering criticism, alternate opinions, and suggestions for improvement.  I’d also suggest that the most productive way to affect change is to reach out directly to any of the Association Directors.

I recognize that negative issues tend to garner more attention and more readers these days than good news.  But I would have hoped that Trubey’s comments would have encouraged constructive dialog rather than inviting – or even encouraging – criticism.