RSFGC: The Thriving Go-To and Value-Add for All Members


The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Board of Governors are passionate and committed to excellence in all of the member experiences we deliver. We are committed to being one of the finest golf clubs in America and the “go-to” place for all Association Members to enjoy a world-class culinary and social experience. There is no doubt that the Golf Club is a huge value-add to the overall community and each homeowner is a beneficiary.  

Better and Better  

The Golf Club partners with the Rancho Santa Fe Association to operate the Ranch Clubhouse and Snack Bar. It is for the benefit of all community members. In fact, non-Golf Club members enjoy nearly half of the meals consumed at the Ranch Clubhouse. We appreciate the opportunity to provide a high-quality restaurant with a community feel for all Association members. The food and beverage experience, holiday times, and special events, continue to get better and better. 

Contrary to baseless rumors, the Golf Club is profitable and operates on dues collected from Golf Club Members. Capital improvements, such as the golf course renovation, are 100% funded by Golf Club Members, through New Member Enrollment Fees, to enhance the experience and value of the entire Rancho Santa Fe community.  Furthermore, the Golf Club fully funds and manages a Restricted Reserve Fund, which is funded at 100%, to ensure the proper replacement of all capital assets. 

RSF’s Flagship Asset  

The Golf Club is the flagship asset of the Rancho Santa Fe Association, and we embrace the great responsibility which comes with representing 577 Golf Members. And by the way, the Golf Members are also RSFA Members. We speak with one unified voice and welcome anyone in the Rancho Santa Fe community who has concerns or questions related to the Golf Club to contact RSFGC General Manager Todd Huizinga at or 858-756-1515. 

Mr. Renda is President of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.