All Else From May 11 RSFA Board


See companion articles about the fiscal 2024 budget adopted in this meeting.

Proposed Senior Facility

David Petree gave us a short update on his company’s proposed senior step down housing facility that he is looking to build at the corner of Via de la Valle and Calzada Del Bosque.

Proposed 5G Antenna on Badger Building

Dish Wireless, a new 5G cellular provider (competing against nationwide networks from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) requested the Board’s permission to install a 5G cellular antenna on top of the Badger Building in the village. See this article from Holly Manion for some background. Dish Wireless is not yet operational in San Diego, nor do they have a nationwide footprint and is in the process of building their network.

The Board voted to defer action and to refer this matter to the infrastructure committee since they had not seen it before it came to the Board for a vote. The Board has authority to permit or deny projects in the Village.

Golf Course Ring Trail Tree Presentation

As noticed to all Members in last Monday’s Association email blast, the Association’s tree replanting consultant, Arnold Keene, gave a presentation explaining the current plan. The plan has been built after acquiring input from the Forest Health and Preservation committee, the Trails & Rec committee, various Golf committees, and Association Management. The Art Jury has given their feedback on this current iteration of the plan.

Only a few Members were present, and Keene fielded two questions.

Member Motions

A Member tried to introduce a “member motion” at the Association Annual General Meeting later in the day. The concept of a Member introducing a motion for all other Members to vote on at the Annual General Meeting is an antiquated one that was disallowed in 2006 by the Davis-Stirling law that governs HOAs. Davis-Stirling recognized that a) not all members are present at AGMs, b) Members need advance notice and information regarding Member Motions and c) votes need to be done via secret ballot.

So there is a process that must be followed by law for introducing Member Motions, and it must be done well in advance of the AGM.

I know how some Members feel that they don’t have much of a say on how the Association is run. I know because I used to be a Member on the outside looking in. But please understand that the Association is a $30M/yr revenue corporation, employing about 170 people. The Association Manager (who would be called a CEO in another other type of corporation) must have wide latitude to run the corporation on a day to day basis with as little interference as possible from even the Board, and even less so from Members.

The Board meets once a month and all policy and finance matters are discussed in open session and are noticed to the entire Membership in advance so that you can provide input. That’s the mechanism to help the Association: feedback. And if you have free time and energy, you may also run for the Board, or ask to be appointed to a committee, or even just show up to the various committee meetings which are open to all Members.

The author, Phil Trubey, is a current RSFA Board Director.