Race TV Alternative Recommendation


With the sunsetting of the Race traditional TV platform by the end of October, RSF Connect customers who have been using that TV service now have to decide what streaming service to move to. I wrote about the changed TV landscape early this year.

Race is offering their own streaming service as a replacement. My recommendation is to instead sign up for YouTube TV.

YouTube TV’s (not to be confused with ordinary YouTube which has been around since 2005) benefits include:

  • If you move to another city/location, your YouTube TV subscription stays with you.
  • You can watch YouTube TV anywhere, for instance in New York on a business trip, on your laptop, iPad, and iPhone.
  • It is the new exclusive home for NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • It works very well, good Fast Forward/Rewind capability, and, of course, DVR type recording of shows.

How To Watch YouTube TV on a TV

If your TV is five years old or newer, it’ll have a YouTube TV app where you can log into the app once and then watch your shows from the app. Just make sure you’ve connected your TV to the Internet either via an Ethernet cable (recommended) or via your WiFi network.

If your TV is so old that it doesn’t have a YouTube TV app, I’d strongly recommend buying a new TV. The new 4K TVs are stunning in comparison to the older ones. Night and day picture quality difference, it will be a worthwhile upgrade. And yes, bigger is better. Get the biggest TV (within reason) that fits on your wall/cabinet, etc.


All Padres games are now available via the MLB app/streaming subscription. Again, your TV should have its own MLB TV app, and you can buy an MLB streaming subscription for a very reasonable price.

Internet Reliability

Moving to streaming means that your Internet connection has to be reliable and not subject to congestion at peak viewing times. I strongly recommend everyone move to Race’s Internet offering that uses the Association’s RSF Connect all fiber Internet network.

It has loads of headroom, will never ever get congested.

It is ultra reliable, has a centralized generator backed central hub, no field electronics to get damaged or lose power during an emergency.

It is future proof – in 2024, Race will be rolling out 10 Gigabit Internet (their service is current symmetrical 1 Gigabit).