The RSF Post started in 2014 when the site’s founder, Nick Krnich, realized that a huge number of Association residents weren’t registered to vote in community elections, even as important multi million dollar spending votes were on the way. He created this news site to inform community residents about the voting process and along the way, expanding the site to a general purpose news site. Click here for a retrospective interview with Nick in 2018.

In the years since, we have provided quality journalism on the Garden Club purchase, the fiber network, water rates, school funding and Art Jury activities. Our mission is to educate so that you, the RSF resident, can make informed choices.

Starting in 2019, the Post embarked on a new era with expanded information and new resources for the community, including our Discussion Forum where residents can talk about local happenings in a moderated, yet anonymous format. That year also saw 20 year Rancho resident Phil Trubey take over as editor from Rachel Laffer. 

The Post is your community news site. If you’d like to write an article under your name, we accept all submissions. No outright derogatory or defamatory personal attacks please. We also have a strict policy of no disparagement towards any Association staff member. We reserve the right to edit submissions. You can send submissions directly to editor at rsfpost.com.

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The RSF Post is not affiliated with the Rancho Santa Fe Association.