Bill Strong

Demand for Correction Under Calif Civil Code Section 48a

Bill Strong demands a correction via legal threat.

Trubey’s “Truth” Denies Reality  

If the RSFA Board had followed the same rules it enforces on all its Members, it wouldn't be facing the illegal grading issues and costs it now faces.

Bill Strong’s Response to RSFA Manager’s Comments

Bill Strong is not happy with the way he has been treated on the Board.

Questions For RSFA Board Candidates

Bill Strong proposes questions to ask RSF Association Board candidates as we start the election season.

Bill Strong’s Rebuttal to Bill Weber

Bill Weber and Bill Strong trade accusations.

Why The Art Jury Appointment Do-Over Is So Problematic

Bill Strong explains how the Art Jury selection process ignored the Protective Covenant and why this is a problem.

May In the Covenant

Have and have nots in Rancho Santa Fe.

Implausible Denial in Election Twilight Zone

Beware power consolidation at the Board level.

PIC Wages War on Civility, Using Confrontation & Divisiveness; Then Pushes...

Does the PIC represent all members or just themselves?

Dom and Susan Try and Distance Themselves from Their Own PIC...

Allegations and counter allegations fly.