Marlene King

2020 Water Rates

The new proposed SFID water rates for 2020 are here. We include a rate calculator to see how your bill is impacted.

August Water News: Water Cost Study

Marlene King gives a concise summary of the latest info regarding water rates.

July 2019 Water News

SFID is increasing their headcount, and Marlene explains why this is a bad idea.

Water News: Former Gov. Brown, the DSOD, Lake Hodges, and YOU

At the stroke of the pen, Lake Hodges water capacity has been reduced by 60%. Read on to see what this means for you.

Water News: Signing up for the AMI Water Usage Portal

How to use your new fancy electronic water meter to save yourself trouble and money.

Water News: Why ARE your water bills so high?

Marlene digs deep to find out where our water bill money is going.

Paying too much for water? Here’s what you can do!

Please spend a few minutes to send in a water rate hike protest form.

Water News July 2018

With a special setting, you can track hourly water usage to find leaks.

June Water News: The Gov. Brown Effect

Marlene shows us how to calculate water usage and what our Gov. thinks about it.

April Water News

Detailed information for all.