Marlene King

SFID Proposed Water Rates: What You Can Do Right Now 

Resident water guru Marlene King urges RSF neighbors to stop SFID's imminent rate hike by submitting their protest forms ASAP.

SFID Rate Hikes Kick the Keg Down the Road 

Former SFID Director Marlene King urges neighbors to take action and protest the District's latest move to hike water rates even higher.

Water News: A Final Look Back

Marlene King summarizes her six years as SFID director, her battles on our behalf, and what to watch out for going forward. And yes, large customers are still paying too much for water.

Here We Go Again: Water Rates

Marlene King is fighting the good fight attempting to ensure equitable water rates.

Marlene’s Water News

Marlene King talks about the fiscal 2021 budget for the SFID.

Marlene King’s Water News

SFID Board manages to appoint no one to replace the outgoing Director. Marlene King gives us the details and provides her usual irrigation district information.

May Water News: Budget Process

Marlene King talks about revenue shortfalls and how this is affecting the budgeting process. Open SFID board seat! Please consider running.

April Water News

What's going on at SFID during our interesting times.

March Water News

Marlene King informs us of a new water leak credit program, and how to set it up using the new AMI Portal.

SFID Rate Hearing Redux

Marlene King gives her considered thoughts on the latest water rate increase.