Nick Krnich

Alarmed Members Sound Off on SDG&E

Readers are caught unawares about SDG&E pole replacement.

RSF Post Welcomes New Co-Editor, Rachel Laffer

RSF Post gets a new co-editor.

The Slow Road to Fast Internet: Just Another RSF Roundabout?

Groundhog day for the Association?

Your Vote for Ann & Kim Made a Difference, Let’s Make...

Enough with the conspiracy theories!

We Need to Focus on Building Community, Not Dividing It

Bob Burgess speculates, pontificates, and polemicates.

Questions About the RSF Fiber Deal Answered

Nick debunks a conspiracy theory about Hotwire.

Let’s Focus On the Issues

The Board is working well together. Let's continue this spirit of co-operation.

Nicks Newsletter April

The Post gets its new name:, and a recap of recent articles.