Phil Trubey

SFID Proposed New Water Rates

To understand the latest SFID rate increase, you need to understand past rate hikes.

RSF Connect Update: Backward Incentives Edition

Customer installations show no signs of increasing pace.

Power Outages and Self Generation

Multi day power outages are the new normal. Here's info on what you can do.

Horizon Prep Varsity Girls’ Tennis Team Wins Conference Championship

Local high school girls tennis team advance to playoffs.

Baseball Field Bathroom Update

Specific site location for the Richardson field bathroom is being discussed.

Traffic: Turn Restrictions

RSFA Board votes to recommend against turn restrictions.

Traffic: Linking Del Dios to Camino Del Sur

A proposal to reduce rush hour cut through traffic.

RSF Connect Update: Another Year for Completion?

Progress continues, but faster please!

Aerial Fire Survey(s)

The RSFA Board is worried about fire safety as it relates to Rancho's forest.

Imitative Wood Siding

The Board is looking for your input on whether or not to allow home owners to build using Hardie Board in lieu of wood siding.