Phil Trubey

Your God Given Right To Be An Asshole

Rancho Santa Fe's character and look are being threatened by very visible solar panel arrays.

RSF Local Election Results

Results of Rancho Santa Fe specific elections.

RSF Community Center Needs Your Help

Help the RSF community center either by enjoying a round of golf or by helping out with a donation or sponsorship.

Election Proposition Guide

Research and recommendations on the 12 state ballot measures that we are being asked to vote on.

RSFA October 2020 Board Meeting

Housekeeping matters and some small budget requests. Nothing too significant.

RSFA 2020 Strategic Planning Session Results

Want to know what the Association will tackle this fiscal year? Read on.

Making Rancho World Class

Rancho Santa Fe needs continual investment to keep it vibrant and relevant.

RSFA Board Meeting: Can You Hear Me Now?

Much discussion resulting in the board deciding to gather more input from the community about proposed regulations. And at long last, roundabouts are moving forward!

Covenant Residents Speak Out About Wood Siding Restrictions

More feedback from residents about the RSFA board's recent wood siding restrictions.

August Board Meeting Wrap Up

Recent RSFA board meetings have focused on imposing more and more regulations and this one was no exception.