Phil Trubey

RSFA February 2021 Board Meeting: Omnibus Edition

New more restrictive grading regulation coming, finances are in good shape, new Osuna rules and more.

RSF Fire Captain Chris Metz Honor Procession

The Rancho Santa Fe Fire District will be conducting a Funeral Procession through parts of Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding communities in honor of Fire Captain Chris Mertz.

Time To Give The RSFA a Piece Of Your Mind

The RSFA board wants to discuss no less than ten possibly controversial topics in the upcoming meeting. Speak now on these topics before it is too late.

Mind Reading The RSF Art Jury

Rancho's Art Jury has wide latitude to approve/deny building projects. Read on to learn how they think.

Horsepark Closure Blamed on Enviro Groups, New Meeting Scheduled

Just the possibility that environmental groups might sue the bankrupt 22nd DAA is the given reason for the Horsepark shut down.

Is the 22nd DAA Being Truthful About Horsepark?

New information questions the 22nd DAA's stated reason for Horsepark's closure.

RSFA January 2021 Board Mtg: Worth Reading

Interesting meeting that touched on a diverse set of topics.

Why Are We Subsidizing Osuna’s Customers?

Osuna's board rates are below market. Why?

22nd DAA Shuts Down Horsepark, Throws Out Tenants

The 22nd DAA is shutting down Horsepark for all shows and evicting seventy horse boarders with no information given as to what comes next.

Odds and Ends

Have something you want to get off your chest? The RSF Post has many ways you can communicate.