Phil Trubey

RSF Connect Construction Update

Conduit and construction techniques.

Fiber Construction Starts

Construction started September 1, 2018

Undergrounding Power Poles: What’s Stopping You?

You can take matters into your own hands and underground your own power poles.

The Net Neutrality Apocalypse

Phil breaks down what Net Neutrality is and is not.

Let’s Make A Deal

To revitalize neighborhoods, you need to accommodate developers.

Last Piece of the Puzzle

Phil gives an overview of the RSF Connect fiber network architecture.

Do It Yourself CDRC Submission

Submitting plans for a small project to the CDRC need not be expensive or onerous.

This Is Rancho Santa Fe – Porta Potty Edition

Why do we have a permanent porta potty gracing our travel baseball diamond?

Building Personal Infrastructure (Part 2)

You can get rock solid cellular in your home with this one simple trick...

Building Community Infrastructure

You can extend sewer and natural gas to your property. Even save money in the long run doing so.